About Google analytics and its metrics

Google Analytics is an Enterprise level web analytics solution that provides you with insight into all the dimensions of your presence. You can imagine it as a tool that’s continually monitoring your web site’s health. In my view Web site that is Healthful is a website that’s currently generating sales or leads to a consistent and regular basis. It’s that easy. Everything starts with traffic flow. Then you would not have the ability to create any interest in your enterprise, if customers are not able to find you on the net. Google Analytics monitors more and these metrics. When You have Developed a steady flow of traffic through SEO, PPC, SEM’s execution, and linking strategies, you have to analyze if your strategy is more converting traffic and successful.

Conversion means invoking an individual. That activity could be making a purchase, filling out a web form, calling an 800 number, or downloading a PDF. What Is Direct Traffic Inside Google Analytics If you learn nothing or cannot recall the indicators all; you need to remember these four. They are as follows:

  • New Visits to Returning Visits,
  • Average Time on Site,
  • Bounce Rate,
  • Completed Goals.

You have to work to keep a balance of generating returning visitors and getting visitors. Is that the time there is a traffic currently spending on your web site. There are two sides to this coin. If the time on site is extremely low, say then this means your website is not currently offering excellent content. Your customers are currently seeing what they searched for, or the information is not relevant to them. They will click your website off without digging into your articles.


 This in turn will provide you a bounce rate. On the flip side your time on site is high, say this may be bad. It can indicate that your check out process is complicated, or information is placed deep. You will need to examine your web content to be certain it’s current and easy to access. Your bounce rate will Alter with visitor signs, and your time on site. A bounce rate under 50% is great. You must try to keep this as low as possible. Anything over 50% means you are not converting.